Sunday, March 6, 2011

Caravaggio and the National Gallery in Ottawa

Happy Sunday to all.

I cannot believe I have not posted about this before. This June the National Gallery in Ottawa will be host to a show entitled "Caravaggio and his Followers in Rome." The show runs from June 17 to September 11 (happy birthday to me!!!) and will display ten of the artist's works as well as fifty by the Caravaggisiti. Among one of these works is Caravaggio's The Ecstasy of Saint Francis which is one of my very favourites.
The Ecstasy of Saint Francis, Caravaggio, c.1595

Curated by art historian, Sebastian Sch├╝tze, author of Caravaggio: The Complete Works and professor at the University of Vienna, has said that the show will include a work which is disputed to be by the hand of Caravaggio but refuses to name the work. Upon hearing of this my heart quickly skipped a beat as I quickly hoped and prayed for it to be The Taking of the Christ.

The Taking of the Christ, Caravaggio, 1602-1603

If Saint Francis and The Taking of the Christ are shown in the same room together I will be calling the National Gallery my home from June to September! I cannot contain my excitement!

Here's the article which, aside from the Caravaggio show, lists the gallery's other up and coming exhibitions.

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